Outdoor Handel Concert - August 3 2018 in Collingwood

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Enjoy an hour of classical composer George Frideric Handel's greatest works. Performed by the Quintessence Ensemble and singer Cossette Gritter at Collingwood's scenic waterfront amphitheatre. (No need to bring chairs. The amphitheatre has large blocks for everyone to sit on.)


  1. Bel Piacere from Agrippina with Cossette Gritter

  2. Music for the Royal Fireworks: Bouree, La Rejouissance, Menuet

  3. Largo from Xerxes

  4. "Rejoice, Rejoice, O Daughter of Zion" with Cossette Gritter

  5. Water Music: Andante, Allegro, Air, Bouree

  6. Trio Sonata No. 1 op. 2: Andante; Allegro, ma non troppo; Largo; Allegro

  7. Chandos Anthems with Cossette Gritter: No. 7 No. 6 "Blessed is the People, O Lord", No. 9 No. 6 "God's tender mercy knows no bounds"