Ozere Concert at Simcoe Street Theatre - June 2, 2019

Ozere [does] a stellar job of bringing together folk, roots and classical music.
— Errol Nazareth, CBC
Ozere’s rich instrumental tone, interesting rhythms and inspired compositions create a music that feels profoundly comfortable and yet also very fresh and different.
— The Whole Note

Join us for an inspired concert with Ozere who expertly blend classical elements with folk and traditional music. This Toronto-based group fronted by violinist Jessica Deutsch brings together mandolin, cello, upright bass, and vocals to create gorgeous songs through fusing a rich variety of styles. Their sound is at once innovative and familiar, which makes for a unique musical experience you don’t want to miss.

Wild Harp presents Ozere at the Simcoe Street Theatre on Sunday June 2nd from 2:00 – 3:50 pm with a 15 minute intermission. They will be performing selections from their first two albums as well as from their upcoming album.